Class Schedule

Class Schedule

JULY- 2019

BYOP (Bring Your Own Project)

Date:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019    10:00 – 1:00

Instructor:  Karen Warren

Fee:  $20

Bring Your Own Project to work on. You will get help with an instructor and will also receive a discount on any supplies you may purchase. You must schedule your time. Please call ahead to sign up. Class is only held with a minimum of 3 people.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019  (112-I Village Road, Leland, NC)

1:00 – 2:30

Quilt Club will be held on the second Wednesday of every month. No machine is necessary. It is FREE.  Bring in something you have made for show & tell.  There will always be door prizes and discounts.  This month, by popular demand we will be starting a mystery quilt.  Come and join us,  it’s a great time to make new friends and get reacquainted with old ones!


Date:  Thursday, July 11, 2019    10:00 – 1:00  and Thursday, July 18th

Instructor:  Karen Warren

Fee:  $35

If you have thought about making a rag rug but just never got around to it, you won’t want to miss making the Jelly Roll Rug. One Jelly Roll (42 – 2 1/2 inch strips) and cotton batting and you can have a one-of-a-kind accent rug. It is fun to make and would make a great gift. Come and join the class and learn the ins and outs of Jelly Roll rug making!!
$45/Karen – Second session will be set by the class


Date:  Wednesday, August 28, 2019     1:00

Instructor:  Cindy Perretta

Fee:  $10

To participate please bring 36- 2 1/2 inch strips by WOF. Cut them in half to share. Strips should be light & bright – think Spring!! You will receive a free pattern for next Strip Quilt. Don’t forget to bring in Show & Tell.


Bionic Gear Bag
Materials List
• Fabric (44” wide) – 1 1/4 yard if doing all in one color, more if directional or fussy cutting. I suggest you use quilting weight cotton – at least for your first one. (8 fat quarters if you want to mix them up)
Most any fabrics will do if you have at least a 12” square except for the outside (1-10 x 17) and the side pieces (4  -5” x 14”)
• Exterior Batting -a 10” by 17” piece of Fusible Fleece (I prefer Soft and Stable)
• 1 ½ yds (narrow single layer 20” wide) Interfacing for linings (I like Pellon SF101 Shape Flex)
• 1 -22” or 24” Polyester / Nylon Zipper for Exterior**
• 4 – 12” Polyester / Nylon Zipper for pockets (pattern calls for 9” zippers but longer is      better)
• Thread
• Sewing Machine Needles -I have good luck with Universal size 90/14’s
2 snaps for attaching fabric dish to “The Box”/interior front flap. I prefer magnetic ones
After making so many of these I have found some things that are easier to use than others. The Soft and Stable and longer zippers for the pockets are easier to work with than what the pattern calls for.