Thanks for visiting our website.

In order to bring our customers immediate information on classes, sales, and/or special events, we will no longer publish a monthly newsletter.  Events will post as soon as they are planned, which may be daily or at least weekly.  These up-to-date postings will appear on our website and Facebook.  I believe this will help you, our customers, to better plan for events.


We are looking forward to another great year, with you, our customers and friends. Bill is back and ready to quilt! so, bring it on!

HQ Sweet 16

We have sold the HQ Sweet 16 Floor Model.  For any of you that may have missed the deal, I have a customer who wishes to sell hers.  It comes with some extras, no warranty.  If you are  interested, give me a call and I will get in touch with our customer.


All Panels are on sale – 40% off through February!

Christmas fabric is 30% off through February.

Also, a select choice of kids prints are $4.50 per yard.  Come in now for the best choice.

We not only sharpen scissors, we service most makes of sewing machines.  Give us a call for more details. We have been doing Long Arm Quilting Services for over 11 years.  If you would like a quote, give Bill a call or you can estimate it yourself by the calculation length x width x .025.

Reminder, the shop is closed on Mondays.

10:00  A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Tuesday – Friday

10:00  A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Saturday

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