Thanks for visiting our website.

In order to bring our customers immediate information on classes, sales, and/or special events, we will no longer publish a monthly newsletter.  Events will post as soon as they are planned, which may be daily or at least weekly.  These up-to-date postings will appear on our website and Facebook.  I believe this will help you, our customers, to better plan for events.


Our Shipyard Boulevard location will close on March 23rd and the new location will open on April 2nd. We have a few things in the store for sale. Bill’s table tennis is for sale $250, includes 4 paddles, net and balls. I’ll post a picture tomorrow. If you know someone who wants it, give Bill a call. Also, we have a wood table (72 x 34) and two matching chairs. Asking $125. One of our 4′ x 8′ design boards is up for sale $20. There is also a smaller one approximately 18″ x 8′. Make an offer. We can’t take them.

QUILTS TO BE QUILTED  –  If you are just finishing up a quilt and plan to bring it to the store, please wait and bring it to our new location anytime on or after April 2. Bill is completing several quilts this week and part of next week. After that he needs to do maintenance on his long-arm machine and move it to the Leland location. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we wouldn’t want to misplace any of your beautiful quilts. Everything is going well with our plans. If you missed our last post, our address as of April 2nd will be 112-I Village Road, Leland, NC.


Our moving sale has been so successful we will continue it through Wednesday, March 13th.  Reminder that Quilt club is  Wednesday, March 13th at 1:00 pm.  Strip Club which was originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th has been changed to Wednesday, April 24th in our new location in Leland.

The last day at 1616 Shipyard Blvd. will be Saturday, March 23.  We will reopen at our new location on Tuesday, April 2nd at 112-I Village Road in Leland.
Please hold off bringing any more quilts to Shipyard Blvd.  We would hate to lose them in the move.  Bring them to our new location after we open in April.  Looking forward to seeing you all in Leland!!!

We not only sharpen scissors, we service most makes of sewing machines.  Give us a call for more details. We have been doing Long Arm Quilting Services for over 11 years.  If you would like a quote, give Bill a call or you can estimate it yourself by the calculation length x width x .025.

Reminder, the shop is closed on Mondays.

10:00  A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Tuesday – Friday

10:00  A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Saturday

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