Quilting-N-Crafts-N-Things winner of the 2017 Row by Row is Lois Khakee

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  Exciting News from Handi-Quilter

Longarm machines discounted

 The #1 longarm manufacturer in the world, as of September 1st through September 25th, has drastically lowered the price of their two best longarm quilting machines.  Save thousands on select models and experience the quality, precision and creative possibilities of these machines.  As your local dealer of Handi-Quilter, Quilting-N-Crafts-N-Things can offer the lowest prices available and excellent customer support.  For example:

HQ Avante – 10-foot and 12-foot Studio Frame with HQ Precision-Guide Track:

MSRP – $11,000          Our Price $8,000

With Pro-Stitcher

MSRP – $21,000         Our Price $16,000

HQ Fusion and Gallery Frame with HQ Precision-Guide Track:

MSRP – $14,000         Our Price $11,000

With Pro Stitcher

MSRP – $24,000         Our Price $18,000

This deal is so good that I can’t pass it up!  The Avante with Pro-Stitcher that I use is up for sale!!!

Contact us at 910-444-4503 for more information.  Hurry, sales ends September 25, 2017 and will not be repeated.

Share and like us on Facebook and come in and receive a free gift.

Thanks for visiting our website.

We will continue our sale of all HQ machines through October.

Celebrating one year of opening our doors, we are excited to offer a fantastic sale on our HQ Sewing Machines:

MSRP Sale Price** Incentive*
HQ 710 $3,495.00 $2,000.00 $2,300.00
HQ 510 $1,495.00 $1,000.00 $1,150.00
HQ 210    $595.00    $400.00    $460.00

**Cash or credit card

*Includes 15% lifetime store credit on fabric & notions in stock only (does not include Accuquilt items)

We not only sharpen scissors, we service most makes of sewing machines.  Give us a call for more details. We have been doing Long Arm Quilting Services for over 11 years.  If you would like a quote, give Bill a call or you can estimate it yourself by the calculation length x width x .020.

We invite you to visit our newsletter to learn about classes and workshops coming up in August.

Our fall and winter Store Hours:

10:00  A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday

10:00  A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Saturday

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